SHREE KOLLAPURA MAHALAKSHMI MAHILA ABHIVRUDDHI SAMSTHE., NELLUDI KOTTAL VILLAGE, KAMPLI TALUK BELLARY DISTRICT. is this day (Thursday 03 March, 2016) registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960(Karnataka Act 17 of 1960). THE MAIN OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY ARE
1)To provide legal aid to the proper section of the society and protect them from suppression and exploitation.
2)To provide health services to the rural people [Eg. Medical Care, Mother and Child Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, Health, Education, Disease control and eradication and other rehabilitation, health services by organizing rural camp]. 3) To establish orphanages by giving shelter, food, clothing and education and provide employment opportunity to the orphans.
4) To educate and train up the poorer farmers in cultivation and cropping pattern, leveling, digging of wells and other agricultural facilities like electricity, motor pump sets and other. 5 ) To strengthen and promote voluntary effect in rural development through building up of local leadership, local institutions and to train workers particularly amongst the weaker section by organizing rural camps. 6 )Young people would become familiar with the flora and founa of the country and come in close contact with the nature. 7 )To provide assistance to educational institutions, Government and non-Government, all agencies, individual group of individuals, in undertaking adventure programme. 8 ) To create and foster amongst youth a spirit of risk taking co-operative, team work, the capacity or ready and vital response to challenging enthusiasm and imagination of youth... 9 )To encourage cultural activities like dramas, dances literary, conversances and to assist the organizations to construct open air theaters in rural areas. 10 ) To run Model Schools, Residential Schools, Organize Nursery, Secondary, Higher and Technical Educations Institutions, Colleges of all Categories. 11 )To form seva-dals to maintain peace in the village, discipline in the youth and to involve themselves in development activities eradicate untouchability.

During Corona period

we providing protein food for corona patients

Collecting Funds

collecting funds for flood effected peoples ( Belagum [D] Gokak [T] )

Distributing Food kits

Distributing food and basic needs kits to flood effected peoples

Distributing wear masks to peoples

Distributing wear masks to needy peoples ( Ballari [D] Kampli [T] Nelludi kottal village )

Plantation Trees

planting trees at Nelludi kottal village Ballari [D] kampli [T]

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1.Life Member       :      500rs 

2.Institution Member : 300rs

3.Ordinary Member  :  100rs

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